Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nanaimo Gas Stations Gouge Again

Nanaimo Gas Prices
Jump From 74.9 to 88.9!

During a time of the lowest oil prices in ages, the oil companies can't contain their greed any longer and have raised pump prices by nearly 15 cents a litre in one day.

In what is obviously blatant price gouging the oil companies have once again decided to rip off Nanaimo drivers with an unbelievable one day price hike.

When is someone in our government going to develop some backbone and take these guys to task.

I hope most drivers will hold off on filling up and let these guys choke on their surplus fuel for a few days until they regain their senses!

If you are fed up with being ripped off let your MLA and MP know about it and bring some pressure to bear on these highway robbers!

Gas in the nations capital of Ottawa is still pumping at 71.4! Get Mad, let these guys know what you think!


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