Thursday, January 08, 2009

Potholes Add Challenge For Nanaimo Drivers

Pothole on Millstone Ave. & St. Andrews

Nanaimo drivers who successfully got through the challenges of winter driving now have to avoid the numerous potholes which have appeared on Nanaimo streets.

The recent freeze and thaw has resulted in an unusual number of potholes appearing in the roads around Nanaimo. City crews are trying to stay on top of them by applying a cold patch which will last until a more permanent hot patch can be put down. If you know of a pothole needing attention be sure to contact the City at 250-758-5222.

Hitting a pothole at full speed could cause damage to your vehicle ranging anywhere from causing your car's front end to be out of align, to possibly seriously damaging your suspension. So keep your eyes open and be sure to avoid the holes or if unavoidable slow right down and ease your car through them.

If you feel your car has been damaged by hitting one of these obstacles you can submit a damage claim with city hall.


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