Monday, January 05, 2009

To Plow or Not To Plow That is the Question

Yet Another Snowfall Makes
Nanaimo Roads a Real Mess

Nanaimo residents and snow clearing staff are showing their inability to cope with the unusual winter conditions we are getting this year.

The other day there was no more than 1cm of snow on the road and the plow came down my street twice. Today, there is more like 10cm and not a snowplow in sight!

It is forecast to warm up this afternoon so the likelihood this latest fall will melt may be holding back the plows. However, if the weatherman misses it and this does not melt before it freezes again, it will be an even worse mess than it is now.

Therein lies one of the major shortcomings of Nanaimo when it comes to dealing with the white stuff. The assumption is (based on history) that most of the white stuff will simply melt away and that none of us will have to deal with it.

That is why the snow was never pushed back on the side streets in the first place and now what has built up is nearly impossible to deal with. leaving many streets with only one lane.

Take a look at sidewalks and many driveways and you will see the same snow removal strategy, which is simply don't move any more snow that you have to in hopes it will all just melt soon.

That is all well and good, as long as it does melt, but when it doesn't you are left with the first class mess that most of Nanaimo streets and sidewalks have become this year.


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