Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alice Frank-Campbell New CD

Alice Frank-Campbell
Well Known Local Artist

A compliment to Vancouver Island Music most of her life, Alice writes and performs her own original music.

Classically trained in voice and guitar, she loves to play many other instruments, some of which include pennywhistle, hand drums & dulcimer.

Alice's celtic lyrics and inspirational songs have a unique flavor all their own. Interpretive cover tunes are also thoughtfully woven throughout her performances.

Her collaborative efforts with other musicians on Vancouver Island have been expressed through benefit concerts, coffee houses, festivals, house concerts, weddings and funerals.

"Her songs evoke haunting visions of powerful waves on an unforgiving coast. Yet she can write with humor and playfulness.”
Dana Tye - Parksville Qualicum News

"Her music is Celtic, but describing in that genre doesn’t describe the clear sweetness of her voice or the originality of her lyrics”
Goodi Niosi - HarbourCity Star

Dreams of a Barren Woman
Available Online

Alice's New CD "Dreams of a Barren Woman" based on Isaiah 54 has been released and you can hear clips from it online.

"This CD has been a dream in the making for some years....and yes, dreams come true and You can make them happen!! I call it a girl CD, although both genders are enjoying. This CD is a life experience and the songs follow a story."

Some of the New Songs are available for you to listen online and make up your mind whether you want a copy for yourself, the art work is worth having if the music doesn't turn your crank.

You can see some You tube clips by clicking here. If you like what you hear, you can order a CD and enjoy a 10% discount by clicking here.


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