Wednesday, February 04, 2009

BC Government Programs Could Create Tens of Thousands of Jobs Over Three Years


Close to $14 billion in infrastructure spending over the next three years could create tens of thousands of jobs and keep British Columbians working, Premier Gordon Campbell announced today in his keynote address at the British Columbia Economic Summit.

“We will be investing in needed infrastructure projects across the province to help create jobs, stability and confidence during this challenging time for the global economy,” said Premier Campbell. “Last October I said we would look at ways to accelerate projects in the coming months and years. These projects will benefit communities across the province, keep us competitive, and keep people working. We have identified $2 billion in project acceleration that we intend to pursue as quickly as possible, including hundreds of millions of dollars to be launched in the next 90 days.”

Breakdown of provincial infrastructure investment:

· $2 billion cost-shared with the federal government for new projects to be accelerated over the next three years. Of that $2 billion, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects can be launched within the next 90 days.

· $10.6 billion in approved capital construction projects currently within the Province’s capital plan for the next three years.

· $1.4 billion in local infrastructure projects being built in partnership with local governments and the federal government.

“These projects could create tens of thousands of jobs over the next three years,” said Premier Campbell. “We will be building housing for seniors, First Nations and the homeless. We will build projects that improve transportation, health care, education and climate action throughout the province, creating jobs and ensuring British Columbia stays strong for the future.”


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