Tuesday, February 03, 2009

BC Teachers Told to Administer FSA Test

Teacher's Told to Administer
Test for Reading, Writing and Math

Labour relations board vice-chairwoman Lisa Southern found that administering the FSA tests is prima facie work the teachers are obligated to perform.

The controversial Foundational Skills Assessment (FSA) tests are provincial tests in reading, writing and math. The tests are given to grades 4 through 7.

It would seem that in BC teachers feel they are above the Ministry of Education and now they seem at odds with the Labour Relations Board who say they are to administer these tests as a part of their required work.

Teacher's union spokesman say the teachers will be holding meetings to decide what their next course of action should be. You would think they might just decide to follow the law and quit setting such a poor example for students.

What is the message teachers are sending to students: "if you don't feel like taking a test, then you don't need to bother".

Why have standards at all? Just give everyone a diploma whether they pass or not.

Us old timers used to call the 3 R's --- readin', ritin' and rithmetic. Today, students and teachers probably think it means reuse, return and recyle.

Editor's Comment: Are teachers concerned test results might reflect badly on individual teachers ability to perform their task? Is that why they are so opposed to testing to see what progress is being made with the 'basics'?


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