Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb. 25 Anti-Bullying Day in B.C.


VANCOUVER – The Province is proclaiming Feb. 25 as Anti-Bullying Day to support efforts to end bullying behaviours in schools and communities across the province, Premier Gordon Campbell announced today.

“School districts, schools, families and communities are working together to create an environment of respect and are making our schools and streets safer,” said Premier Campbell. “All across British Columbia, parents, teachers and students and community members are taking a stand against bullying and saying that no one should ever be made to feel intimidated, afraid or discriminated against.”

The Ministry of Education has developed a resource for parents that will be distributed to all public, independent and band schools to help families better understand their shared role in bullying prevention. The parent resource brochure and Internet safety tips are published in 14 languages and can be found online at this Nanaimo Info LINK.

All 60 school districts have codes of conduct in place reflecting the legislation passed in the fall of 2007. This step fulfils a commitment to institute “zero tolerance” of bullying in B.C. schools. School districts across the province have set up student web forums, introduced anti-bullying programs facilitated by local police and community groups, and have made information available through school district websites to help parents deal with children who are either bullied or being bullies.
“Feb. 25 is a day we can all stand up together and take a stand against bullying,” said Education Minister Shirley Bond. “We all have responsibility to ensure schools are safe places to learn. Students can help by standing for their classmates, parents can help by talking openly with their children about acting in a respectful way towards others, and schools can help by holding students accountable for their actions.”

Anti-Bullying Day highlights British Columbia’s commitment to being a safe and inclusive province and is an opportunity to actively promote respectful and kind behaviour among citizens. It recognizes efforts to build communities that foster respect, fairness, equity and compassion, and to celebrate the actions of individuals, schools and communities to address bullying, harassment and intimidation.

“I want to thank CKNW and Christy Clark for being a leader in helping promote Anti-Bullying Day in B.C.,” said Premier Campbell. “We can all play a role in making British Columbia a safer place to live.”

Anti-Bullying Day complements the Province’s beliefs that a healthy environment and educated populace are essential to healthy human development, and that a safe, humane society is the outcome of an enlightened and caring community.


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