Monday, February 16, 2009

ICBC Supports 2010 Winter Games

ICBC Rewards Customers
With Olympic Tickets!

Corporation committed to rewarding customers and business partners with vast majority of its 2010 ticket allocation

ICBC is a proud supporter and sponsor of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (2010 Winter Games), and is looking to share in the excitement.

ICBC requested 2,264 tickets for the 2010 Winter Games, and its sponsorship is funded entirely out of the marketing budget from the optional insurance side of the business, where ICBC operates in a competitive marketplace. There is no impact on basic policyholders.

As part of its sponsorship of the Games, ICBC will be using approximately 75 percent of its 2010 Winter Games ticket allocation to reward customers, business partners and suppliers.

ICBC is proud of its involvement with the 2010 Winter Games. More than 140,000 British Columbians have already shown their support by proudly displaying 2010 Winter Games licence plates on their vehicles as part of the ‘Behind the Drive’ campaign, and we will be thanking them for their support by entering their names to win tickets in a program soon to be announced. This is in addition to the 2010 Winter Games tickets we have already given away.

The remaining 25 percent will be used by ICBC employees that have a legitimate business purpose, such as hosting customers and business partners. In addition, a small number of ICBC employees who participate in various corporate health and wellness activities will also be entered into draws for 2010 tickets.


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