Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Missing Nanaimo Fishermen Found Safe

Back Country Roads Can Be Hazardous

Port Alberni: On Monday night February 16, 2009 at approx 11:00 p.m. two fishermen were reported overdue. The left their residence in Nanaimo late in the afternoon to go fishing in the Nahmint River approx 30 km's south of Port Alberni. By 11:00 p.m. they had not returned home and were reported missing.

The two men one 34 and the other 35 years old apparently were not prepared to spend the night in the bush. RCMP patrols were conducted in an attempt to locate their vehicle. The roads in the area were mostly impassible due to the amount of snow in the area. When their vehicle was not located, the Alberni Search and Rescue Team was activated. The Alberni Search and Rescue Team and the RCMP were able to locate the vehicle at approx 10:30 this morning. The vehicle was stuck in the snow and there was evidence of a fire. From the evidence at the scene it appears as though the two attempted to hike out of the area. At 11:50 a.m. the two were located as they were attempting to walk out of the area. They appear to have survived very well and are in good shape.

As this search ends, the Port Albern RCMP are monitoring another situation involving a stuck vehicle on Mt. Arrowsmith. Apparently a family from the Parksville area decided to drive to the old ski hill on Mt. Arrowsmith yesterday and got stuck. They contacted a friend to assist and he drove to the area and also got stuck. The group were prepared to spend the night, and one person in the group was given a ride out to get equipment and friends to retrieve the vehicles.

The RCMP are reminding all users of back country roads to check to make sure the road they are using is passible. Although there does not appear to be much snow at the higher elevations the mid elevations have seen a lot of snow and there have been numerous reports of vehicles getting stuck. The RCMP will ensure the occupants are safe, however the recovery of a vehicle is the owners responsibility.


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