Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nanaimo Gas Prices Spike Again!

Price of Oil Drops
Retail Price of Gas is Up

The oil companies are doing their bit for the economy these days, that is 'their' economy of course.

Crude Oil prices are lower than they have been for ages and in fact crude inventories are on the increase, so why are Nanaimo drivers being gouged at the pumps yet again?

According to some of the oil company spin doctors there is a shortage of gas at the refinery level which is resulting in higher pump prices. The shortage from the refineries is because they cut back on production because of the slower economy and ensuing lower demand.

If you believe that line of baloney there is still some swamp land in Florida looking for a buyer.

The oil companies tell you it is all about supply and demand, but what they negelect to say is that 'they' control the supply and therefore control the prices.

If you think your politicians are going to do something about this, you are kidding yourself. The only way anything will happen is when the driving public gets mad enough to actually do something rather than just complaining.

Ottawa Pump Prices Today

Meanwhile in Ottawa today the price remains below 80 cents and is clearly a full 20 cents lower than what we have to pay in Nanaimo.

Perhaps if the oil companies inflicted Ottawa residents with the same prices we get stuck with, something might actually happen. In the meantime get a bike and tell big oil to take a hike!


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