Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nanaimo is a Winter Wonderland This Morning

Nanaimo residents were in for a surprise this morning as they awoke to nearly a foot of freshly fallen snow.

Transforming the familiar spring green into a wonderland of white, giving kids the day off school and causing some to be either late for, or miss work altogether.

City crews still had blades on their trucks and were reported as prepared for the reminder that winter has not officially left Nanaimo just yet.

White Stuff Causes Confusion for Locals!

Puffed up against the cold air, this forlorn looking Robin seems perplexed by what greeted his eyes this morning. Taking worms off of the menu and replacing them with a few berries still hanging on different trees and bushes.

This daffy daffodil wonders if he/she perhaps bloomed a little early this year. This is usually what gives us Nanaimoites bragging rights over the rest of Canada at this time of year.

This was one time the weatherman was bang on, unfortunately. Now if he can only be as accurate for blue skies and warm temperatures this summer!


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