Sunday, March 29, 2009

Canadian Consumer Product Recalls

New Website For
Canadian Product Recall Notices

It is amazing how many different products are put into the market place which are later found to be defective. It is probably more amazing how many products are put into the marketplace and work perfectly fine.

Most product recalls are of a fairly serious nature. For example the recent Electrolux cordless stick vac with the battery that has now been known to explode is an excellent example of such defects which can cause harm, rather than just inconvenience. There are several name brand toasters with electrical defects which can cause shock or even fire we need be aware of.

Popular retailer Canadian Tire has sold nearly 300,000 electric car seats which have been known to overheat and even begin to smoulder. There was also the recent fire potential with the Maytag refrigerators.

It is not just no-name brands which have problems associated with them but well known name brands and retailers which produce and sell products which can be dangerous.

This new website Canadian Product Recalls can be seen at for a list of some currently recalled products. The site will be kept up to date posting products listed from the Health Canada website and also from manufacturer voluntary recall notices.

The site is designed to be user friendly with large pictures making product identification easy, and a brief description of the hazard,the proposed remedy and contact information to know how to proceed.

It should be a good site to bookmark, and check every now and then to make sure that new wall mount for your 120" Plasma TV is not going to break and fall off the wall.


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