Friday, March 13, 2009

Daniel Ernest Papineau Arrested

Career Thief Behind Bars

For Now

Nanaimo residents can sleep easy for awhile knowing one of Nanaimo’s worst property thieves has been arrested and remanded to jail .

Daniel Ernest PAPINEAU age 34 was arrested by members of Nanaimo RCMP Property Crime Unit on the evening of March 7 walking towards a broken down car on the Parkway with a gerry can in hand. Seems PAPINEAU allegedly stole the vehicle and forgot to check the gas level before taking off north bound along the Nanaimo Parkway.
Property Crime members having run the plate and knowing it was stolen, waited for the driver to return. Sure enough, PAPINEAU returned and was arrested without incident.

He faces at least ten criminal code charges and one CDSA charge for Possession of a small quantity of heroin. He was in possession at the time of the offence the stolen car which contained a stolen lap top, a high end stolen mountain bike,.various stolen credit cards, stolen vehicle keys and various break in tools.

“Having this individual behind bars, even temporarily, persons residing in and around Nanaimo should see a significant and immediate decrease in property related offences. He is one of our worst offenders and has committed himself to a life of crime”.
PAPINEAU was remanded into custody and his next court date has not be set.

Editor's Comment: The police have done their job in apprehending this known thief, now it is up to the courts to see if he will be allowed to continue his life of crime or not.


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