Monday, March 30, 2009

Earning $35.75 Hour is Not Enough!

CUPE has announced that B.C. Paramedics have taken a vote to strike and can legally do so this Wednesday. A CUPE spokesman quoted in the Colonist says this would not affect services to the public but rather would be rotating strikes by admin staff designed to cause administrative chaos.

The CUPE spokesman is quoted as saying:
The whole dispute is about respect and recognition for paramedics being part of public safety,”.

So if that is the only issue why are they striking over money? Let's just all agree they are every bit as important as firefighters and police officers and then they can forget their strike. Do you think that would appease them?

Editor's Comment:
It is time that members of the public service woke up to the current economic reality and consider themselves fortunate to have a job. Do you think it would be hard to fill these $35/hr jobs if you offered free training to unemployed forest workers? The extra money they are looking for does not come from the Premier's pocket, it comes from the taxpayers pocket. Which these days is getting royally picked, in my humble opinion.



  1. In my humble opinion, the Editor is a complete idiot!

  2. Let me guess ..... you are an ambulance attendant??

    The Idiot Editor :^)


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