Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Samaritan Aids RCMP Officer

Police Officer Assaulted After

Routine Traffic Stop

A Nanaimo RCMP officer was assaulted last evening following a routine traffic stop in the 1500 block of Boundary Crescent. Around 6:20 PM, the officer located two occupants, a 20 year old male and a 19 year old female, in a parked vehicle which did not appear to be insured. When the male driver was confronted, he provided a false name to the officer, becoming uncooperative and combative. As the officer attempted to place the male under arrest, a hot cup of coffee was thrown into the officer’s face and the male proceeded to deliver closed-fist blows to the officer. While the officer was attempting to gain control of the male, the female passenger exited the vehicle and jumped on the officer’s back placing him into a choke hold.

An unidentified good Samaritan came to the aid of the officer as he wrestled the pair. The male was able to escape the hold of the good Samaritan and fled the scene. Officers called into the area to assist located the male near St. George Crescent. The male was taken into police custody where a digital scale, baggies, marihuana and sum of cash were seized. The female was also arrested and both were held in custody to appear in Provincial Court on March 25, 2009. Charges of prohibited driving, obstructing a police officer, possession for the purpose of trafficking, assaulting a police officer and escape lawful custody are being recommended for the male. Charges of obstruction and assaulting a police officer are recommended for the female. The officer involved in the altercation is currently off duty with minor injuries.

Assistance from the general public plays an instrumental role in the every day effectiveness of a police officer’s duty to combat crime. If it was not for the quick action taken by the unknown good Samaritan, a bad situation could have turned worse. Nanaimo RCMP are asking for the good Samaritan to contact the detachment at (250)754-2345 to provide any information they can concerning the incident.


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