Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nanaimo Correctional Centre Upgraded


The Province will spend $1.5 million in safety and other upgrades at Nanaimo Correctional Centre (NCC), creating up to 10 jobs in June of this year.

“This work will create needed, local jobs while strengthening correctional officer safety and security at NCC,” said Cantelon. “It’s a win to see these needed economic benefits roll out and help to keep a major local employer like this centre up-to-date in its technology and layout.”

Work at NCC is to begin by June 15, 2009. It includes installing the most modern, state-of-the-art security technology to improve staff and public safety. This will include better video recording systems and re-configuring areas to allow for improved surveillance of inmates.

Similar work will occur at Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre in Victoria. Projects there will also address inmate capacity, upgrade emergency services and expand the parking area.

The funding is over and above the Province’s ongoing, $185-million corrections capital plan, which represents the largest single investment in B.C. correctional facilities in the province’s history.

This announcement is part of an overall $14-billion capital infrastructure program supported by the Province that will create up to 88,000 jobs and help build vital public infrastructure in every region of B.C.


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