Monday, March 09, 2009

Old Man Winter Vacations in Nanaimo

More Snow For Nanaimo

Nanaimo residents awoke to another 2 - 3 inches of the white stuff this morning. Considering that in some years I have cut my grass by now, this is a bit too much like Canada for me!

Snowblower .... He don't need no stinkin' snowblower!

This guy is very popular with his neighbours! While all the rest of us had to wait for the City to plow or not to plow this fellows neighbours have had their street clear all winter! Maybe he can send a small bill to the city?

Global Warming???

My windmill palm tree is verrrry confused this year! OK, OK, the only reason I grow it is to give me bragging rights when talking to friends and family foolish enough to keep living in Ontario. But if this keeps up much longer I will have to seriously consider protecting it from the elements.

If the forecaster is right, this could be gone by this afternoon, however if he misses the high temperature guess by a couple of degrees, it could still be here overnight. So don't put your mittens and shovel away just yet!


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