Wednesday, March 25, 2009

School's Vending Machine $ Drop 90%

Healthy Snacks Not Popular
Junk Food Still King

In what should be no surprise it seems kids in local schools are not climbing onboard the healthy snack food bandwagon.

In fact the local daily reports revenues from vending machines in the district have dropped by 90% since junk food was replaced with health food.

Convenience stores close to schools are the beneficiaries of the decision to remove junk food from vending machines in the schools.

The choice has seen a drop in revenues of up to $2,000 per month leaving schools in a shortfall position to fund different programs within the school.

Promoting healthy eating is a good thing, however it is apparent the policy is not having the desired effect in this district. The net result? Either drop the programs the junk food revenue funded or find the money elsewhere (that will be the taxpayer sooner or later).


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  1. I have raised two teenage boys if kids want to go get junk food they will find a way ..Quit whining about raising money and put back the vending machines that did the job! The parents(taxpayers) pay more than enough for programs that the school should be able to cover so if something as simple as a vending machine is subsidising that then do it.


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