Monday, April 20, 2009

Are You Paying Too Much With Telus?

Is Telus Ripping You Off?

Recently Star Choice told us we needed a new receiver that was going to cost us a few extra dollars a month to pay for. Since we had paid this company several thousand dollars in the time we used there service I decided to cancel with them and switch to Shaw cable. (Of course Star Choice is owned by Shaw, so to them it really makes no difference).

Only when I told Star Choice we were going to cancel did their rep decide to tell me that since we were such good customers they would waive the charge for the receiver. Since this offer was only made after our decision to cancel it left a bad taste in the mouth.

The Shaw cable installer pointed out the considerable pricing difference if we went to Shaw's phone service compared with Telus. In fact for the identical service we were getting from Telus, Shaw would charge $13.00 less per month based on their charge of $20.95 compared with good old Telus who had been happily charging us $33.98 per month for years.

I decided to phone Telus with the simple question of why should we consider paying them $33.98 for the same service Shaw offered for $20.95? The answer I got was quite incredible. The rep told me that I could get the same service we have now for only $24.95 per month, with no explanation as to why we were paying $33.98 for years. I asked why customers were not being made aware of the different pricing and was told they did not have the staff to make outbound calls! Can you see me keeping a straight face?

I am sure if they wanted to let me know I could be paying $9.00 less per month a simple notation on my bill asking if I wanted my bill to change would require little staffing effort. Better yet, they could simply change my bill from $33.98 to $24.95 without me even having to ask for the reduction.

But it seems I have to call in and ask why I shouldn’t change to Shaw for them to reveal their lower pricing. Clearly if you are doing business with these companies, you should not assume that you are getting their best price. In fact if you have been with them for a long time, you are not likely getting their lowest price.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to offer their best price, and by all means don’t expect these companies to grow a conscience anytime soon. After all corporations don’t have a desire to serve anyone but themselves.


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