Monday, May 11, 2009

Are Your Prepared for An Emergency?

Be Able To Care
For Your Family For 72 Hours

In the event of a major disaster such as a large earthquake, tsunami or the like, you need to be able to take care of yourself and family for the first 72 hours.

You will not be able to call on emergency personnel or governments as they will have their hands full tending to people in live threatening circumstance and trying to restore all those things we take for granted.

In a real full blown disaster the power could be out for days and perhaps weeks which means that basically society as we know it would come to a complete standstill. There would be no light when you hit the switch or turned on the television, there would be no water coming out of the tap either hot or cold, the gas pumps would be off and the stores would all be closed as would the atm's and your bank.

You would be required to supply the basics (food, shelter and clothing) for yourself, you would not be able to rely on anyone else. You should also be prepared to deal with some medical emergencies as well.

Scary?? No, just reality which is better prepared for now, while no emergency exists.

The governement of Canada has an excellent website dealing with emergency preparedness which gives you all the information you need to get yourself and family prepared for something you hope will never happen. You can visit the site by using this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Are you still procrastinating? Or are you just going to do something about it tomorrow??


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