Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BC Election Results

2009 British Columbia Election Results

The Liberal government under Premier Gordon Campbell have been declared elected in the 2009 BC General election. Pulling off a rare (in politics) hat-trick.

Final results will not be known until later this evening but at 9:20 pm the Liberals were leading in 49 seats while the NDP trailed at 36 seats.

The two Nanaimo ridings have elected the NDP candidates meaning both Krog and Routley will be representing Nanaimo and Nanaimo/North Cowichan. While Cantelon has retained his Liberal seat in the newly formed Parksville/Qualicum riding.

STV Referendum Defeated

The single transferable vote question has been rejected soundly by the citizens of BC. The question was a referendum run in conjunction with the general election and keeping the present system won the day.

The whole election seems to be pretty much a decision to maintain the status quo and the STV results as well as the general election results make you wonder if there was a need for an election at all?

The statistics are not in yet, but it would seem if you supported the NDP before the campaign you did afterward, and if you supported the Liberals your mind was not changed either. Those supporting the Green party have to wonder if they are not simply wasting their vote since that party seems unable to gain any real traction.

As to the STV question it was far too complicated for most people to even understand. It also lacked any kind of organized 'push' to explain the benefits and as an aside I think the name, needed rethinking. After all STV sounds awfully close to something you don't want to catch. :^)

In any case, the electorate has spoken for another time and as always they are never wrong.


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