Saturday, May 16, 2009

Demolish the Bastion - Remove the Cannons

Is Removing The Bastion Next?

Would Mr. Schachner. Councilor Holdem and Mr. Fuller move to demolish the Bastion? Remove the Cannons from the Square?

The above named community leaders all have voiced their strong disapproval of the use of the name 'Empire' because of some negative aspects you can associate with an empire.

They seem to completely ignore any of the positive aspects of that same empire, in what seems like a campaign driven only by political correctness gone berserk.

I would suggest that if they are so intent on removing the word Empire from a local community celebration they should indeed campaign to have the Bastion demolished and the cannons removed from the square downtown. After all, if ever there was a symbol of the evil Empire surely these two things personify what they are opposed to.

So, how about it Councilor Holdem, will you introduce a motion to demolish the Bastion and remove the cannons from the square at the next meeting?
I am sure Mr. Fuller and Mr. Schachner will be glad to support you.


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