Monday, May 11, 2009

Do Negative Image Ads Work?

Which Campbell Would You Vote For?

Clearly the above pictures are of the same man. The two unflattering ones come from NDP support ads designed to engender distaste for their political opponent.

The question: do these negative image ads actually work in the NDP's favour or do they backfire, similar to the Conservatives ill-fated attack on Jean Chrietien of years ago?

Clearly none of us would like every expression that has appeared on our faces to be captured on camera and saved for all eternity on the internet!

For example the two negative images of Campbell; what was going on when these pictures were taken? Was he being serious? Animated? Silly? Who knows without accompanying notes of the occasion when these unflattering images were captured.

Perhaps he was asked to express his feelings upon hearing how much had been paid at auction for the famous 'fast cats'?

If you were fashioning a similar ad targeting the NDP instead of the old balding guy with wads of cash he has 'stolen' from the people, perhaps something representing all the public sector workers who can hold the public ransom as there is no competition in their place of work. Ambulance drivers, teachers and public employees sorta spring to mind. Why do you think CUPE and the teachers support the NDP?

Personally I find these type of ads to be insulting, not to Campbell but to the intellect of the electorate. They have sort of a childish air to them as if anyone thought that Campbell makes that face on a regular basis!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am getting more than a little weary of the political rhetoric coming from all sides whether it is during an election or after one. It seems that all parties are always in 'attack mode' where they always seem to be pointing out what is wrong with their opponent's policy.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if "we could all just get along" and take the approach that regardless of what party gets elected it is the job of the elected government to come together and do what is best for the country.

In any case we will know tomorrow how the 'campaign' has worked out in BC as the electorate has the final say. If the campaign is any indication as to the interest generated by either party it is safe to predict a low turn out. Which of course is a shame since high involvment by an informed electorate is the only way democracy actually works.

If you think Campbell and his party have done a good job and are best suited to take the province forward be sure to get out and exercise your vote, don't assume they can be elected without YOUR vote.

If you think James and the NDP have what it takes to keep BC out of the ditch don't assume they will be elected without YOUR vote.

Remember "Vote as you please ..... but please get out and vote"!


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