Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Empire Day Protest ... Kind Of

Would She Be Amused??

In the event that Nanaimo has a parade that does not get rained upon by mother nature, there is a local group determined to do just that.

A group of youthful 'activists' seem to be taking offense to the use of the name 'Empire' to describe the society which hosts this annual parade. Something which has been going on for over 100 years in our fair city.

They don't seem opposed to the parade or the enjoyment this family oriented event provides, they just seem opposed to the name 'Empire'. I am sure they have some grand theological difference based on their understanding of the British Empire upon which at one time the sun never set, to base their protest.

It is the type of 'causes' it seems a certain group of college age people seem to gravitate to after a few hits on the old bong! Not having any real causes to champion they have decided to try and p_ _ _ on the local parade so to speak.

Even a few of the local politico's seem to be onboard with Gord Fuller making a suggestion to City Council at the last meeting.

The whole thing is just plain nonsense and I guess it will serve as a cause to rally around, until something important comes along. I doubt if many of them can keep a straight face if asked to argue their case for very long.

On the matter of using the name Empire to describe the name of the organization which puts on this event, my research shows the name Empire Days was dropped in 1952 for the name Commonwealth Days, a name I am sure would raise the ire of the local activists equally.

A suggestion to Gord and the anti-Empire crowd, get together and start an Evil-Empire Day parade and put on your own event, in the meantime, find something worthwhile to get behind.


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