Thursday, May 14, 2009

Harbour City Star Rains on Parade

A Slow Day in the News Room??

You have to wonder what the thinking is in the publishers office of the local shopper, called the Harbour City Star.

A handful of 'activists' wanting to change the name of the Empire Day Parade makes front page!!! The same non-story gets nearly a half page story on page 2.

Does this local shopper do anything to promote this event which is put on by a hard working group of volunteers who put together one of the few family type events in Nanaimo? No, they simply offer up a front page headline to a group of people with nothing better to protest.

Has the whole world gone mad with political correct nonsense?? I can understand some of the local's who want to keep their name in the press (might help them get elected next time), but front page news! Give me a break.

This event offers up a parade every bit as enjoyable as the bathtub parade, and there is also the fireworks in the harbour in the evening. How many people see this as some subversive plot to destroy the minds of the young?

Most people have not got clue one who Queen Victoria even was (thanks to our school system), it is just a fun, family parade with a few other events thrown in for good measure.

If the handful of discontents with nothing else to champion don't like the name .... who gives a rip! Just go away and do something important.

In the meantime the local press would do more community good if they got behind this annual event which draws people to the downtown, which you would think has to be good for this revitalization we are spending so much to achieve.

This is one of the few Nanaimo events that is just plain fun, and those with a PC agenda need to just go away and leave it alone. You look rather childish actually.


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  1. Hi, not like me to respond but your note is well written. To the protesters...give us all a rest, stay home and watch your grass grow or stare at your neighbours dog in case some droppings aren't picked up and then call the cops. Better yet move away and then you will contribute to raising the overall intelligence of our fine community. I have lived here for fifty years.


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