Monday, May 25, 2009

Nanaimo On-Line Home Owner Grant

Be Sure To Claim Your Grant
Easy As 1 - 2 -3

You can claim you home owner grant for your 2009 property taxes online by going to the City of Nanaimo website.

It would seem the city has changed their website since they did the graphic on the brochure which came out with your tax notice. The above pictures are a current snapshot of the city website showing the way to claim your grant.

Go to City of Nanaimo website click on the RESIDENTS heading and choose Property Tax from the menu. That will take you to a page with the heading Property Tax and a blue Home Owner Grant button which will take you to the on-line grant application page.

You will need to enter your folio number from your tax notice and your access code to complete your application. This should be the only paperwork involved to claim your grant.

Even if you are unable to pay your taxes on time, be sure to claim your grant anyway and claim it before the July 2 deadline.


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