Saturday, May 02, 2009

Nanaimo Short Fiction Winners

Winners of the NanaimoShort Fiction Contest 2009

This year’s Nanaimo Short Fiction Contest awards ceremony and Arts and Culture week event was co-sponsored by the Nanaimo Arts Council, the Assembly of British Columbia Arts Councils and Vancouver Island University – Creative Writing and Journalism department.

We were honoured to have celebrated author and contest judge Kathy Page join us for the event, read from her work, and present the cash awards and bursary for Creative Writing class at VIU.

Judith Millar won first prize in the adult category for The Insomniac. Kathy Page notes, “from the title onwards, this is a great story featuring a vivid, well-observed main character. The writer sets up convincing motivation and moves the story to a powerful conclusion”. Second prize in the adult category was awarded to Jocelyn Shipley for Quickening, “a powerful psychological study, in which two bereaved parents struggle to overcome their grief”. The adult category third prize was awarded to Robert A. Silverberg for The Pizza Shop, “the voice that tells this story is so real that you could scream - highly entertaining”. The overall prize for child/youth was awarded to Kayla Tritschler for Break Out, “all the youth stories were good, each in a different way, but Break Out, an account of a teenage girl's explorations in the woods in the dark on a summer's night won because it was so very vividly written and believable. The writer makes great use of all the five senses and brings us right into his/her character's world”. The Nanaimo Arts Council sends out a special thank you to those of you who submitted your work.

To each of you and all writers, consider starting your next story now … to be considered for prizes of up to $500.00 in next year’s event.

Photo - Left to right:

  • Rosina Solylo
  • Jocelyn Shipley
  • Kathy Page
  • Odette Laramee
  • Robert A. Silverberg
  • Kayla Tritschler
  • Judith Millar
  • Frank Moher


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