Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nanaimo Taxes Up 4.3%

Tax Increase On The Way

City Council has decided to increase residential taxes again this year. This year the increase will be 4.3% with more increases planned for years to come.

In spite of making claims to limit taxes, council demonstrates a limited vocabulary if interest groups 'sqeak loudly enough'. Then the rest of the taxpayers just shrug as, once again their taxes increase, even if they don't necessarily agree with council's choices.

For example, city staff put forth a list of areas where taxes could be reined in but as long as someone makes enough noise about their 'pet' project, council proves their vocabulary does not include the word 'no'. That just seems to be how it is, regardless of who is elected.

Another example? After approving a 4.3% tax increase, they simply handed out another $4,000 because of an 'entertaining' delegation making another pitch for taxpayers money. You can bet this $4,000 is only the beginning of another creative way to spend your tax dollars, as it only covers the planning stage of this project.

A suggested slogan for politicians: "I spend ...... therefore I am"


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  1. The paper put the increase on pg 5??? I e-mailed them what the taxes are in Shaughnessy for house of $1,856,00 is 3790 and Harbour $1,312,00 is 2742. But they didn't
    have the courage to print it? The
    councilers are all for lower taxes during the election then care less
    after elected. It's just not fair,
    especially during hard times and for seniors!


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