Monday, May 04, 2009

New Lord of The Rings Movie

Free Movie Only Online

Here is something unique in these days where everything seems to be done for money and profit.

Fans of the Lord of the Rings series have gotten together and produced their own 40 minute movie which is available free and is only online. It is released May 3/09.

A comment on their website reads:

Don't forget it's just a home movie... Don't forget folks, this production is just an unofficial home movie, made by a bunch of Tolkien enthusiasts for love of the material. The budget has been scraped together by ourselves, nobody was paid and no money will be made from it. So yep it's purely our way to express our tribute to this magical world.

To view "The Hunt For Gollum" use this Nanaimo Info LINK or click the graphic above. Depending on your computers speed etc, you may not be able to watch the HD version but there is also a HQ version. Just look around the site and find the link suited to you. Enjoy!


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