Monday, May 25, 2009

Now Children ... Play Nicely!

Responding to Conservative Ads
Ignatieff Threatens Harper

The above Globe and Mail photo with the caption “If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done,” Liberal Leader tells Harper, kind of sounds like the kids are acting up again!

Perhaps they all missed the message last year when all parties and politicians were behaving badly and the Canadian public was ready to give them all the boot.

The conservatives have been running a series of ads making issue of the fact that Liberal leader Ignatieff has not actually lived in Canada that many years of his adult working life. They further suggest he is nothing more than an opportunist who will head back to the states if he does not become PM in the next election.

While the ad does pose a question Canadians need to ask themselves about Ignatieff, it is done in the typical 'attack dog' style, which many find distasteful. The conservatives having successfully defined Dion with his famous " it's hard to make priorities", are once again trying to define the Liberal leader. They think his non-resident status could be his Achilles heel and are apparently going for it.

Perhaps they all need to be reminded that they were sent to Ottawa to govern the country and lead us through these difficult economic times. They all seem to be in 'campaign mode' most of the time trying to score points with the electorate at every opportunity.

They should all be just shut away and told to govern until the next election and quit the sniping in the meantime. There is no party not guilty of this sniping with the leader of the NDP perhaps the most proficient at it.


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