Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Victoria Landlord Fraud Victim

A New Way To Steal Your Money

A Victoria landlord was recently scammed out of more than $25,000 after placing an advertisement for a suite for rent on the internet. The suspected fraudster, believed to be in Europe, answered the advertisement and sent a cheque to the suite owner for $35,000 to cover the rent and utilities for a year in advance. The cheque was subsequently deposited into the suite owner’s account. A short time later the fraudster contacted the suite owner requesting the agreement change and a portion of the money be returned as the fraudster now wanted to rent the suite for only six months.

As several days had passed and the cheque deposited was believed to have been cleared, the suite owner returned about $25,000 of the funds originally received back to the fraudster. The suite owner was later contacted by the banking institution involved and advised the original cheque for $35,000 bounced as it was found to be fraudulent. The suite owner is now faced with the financial loss of more than $25,000. This matter is still under investigation.

The public is reminded that fraudsters continue to create new and inventive ways to involve would-be victims in their scams. Never accept a cheque worth more than the value of the transaction involved and always wait until the cheque has fully processed before releasing the goods to the purchaser.

If you have any information regarding this or any type of scam please report it to your local RCMP detachment or police force and contact Phonebusters.

For More Information on How To Protect Yourself from Frauds and Scams, please check out the following websites:
RCMP Fraud Advice
Better Business Bureau


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