Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All Open Burning Is Banned In Nanaimo

This Includes Beach Campfires

Fire officials are getting weary of wasting time and resources responding to illegal fires on city beaches.

There currently is a ban on all open burning in Nanaimo and there is a total ban in city parks which includes smoking, campfires and barbeques.

Beach campfires are usually started by young people in out of the way places, meaning firefighters have to attend these fires which ties up manpower and resources which could be needed someplace else.

Rather than trying to educate the offenders, in future firefighters will have the RCMP attend illegal fires and issue $100 tickets for the offense.

Things are tinder dry and people need to exercise some common sense and behave responsibly.

Editor's Comment: In the case of habitual offenders, why not have a water bomber attend the scene, once or twice. I bet they get the message then! :^)


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  1. Agreed, a little common sense seems like a thing of the past these days, I think this is a good step in the right direction


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