Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Depot Hits Hard Times?

Not Enough Profit In Building Supplies??

After spending several hundred dollars on lumber and such I made a separate trip to pick up a variety of fasteners, you know, different size nails, screws, joist hangers and the like.

The fastener total sale with tax was just over $50, and I was a bit surprised when the teller asked "would you like a bag for that for 5 cents?". Five cents for a bag for a $50 purchase . . . . . . . give me a break!

I thought that the home improvement business at Home Depot must really be suffering ever since the new Rona store opened in the south end, for them to have to help their bottom line by charging 5 cents for a bag which likely costs one half of one cent.

Then I thought maybe profit is not the motive, maybe they are also a part of the 'quit using plastic bags and save the planet movement'. If that's the case and they are trying to encourage their customers to bring their enviro-friendly reusable bag so you don't need to pay 5 cents for a bag, they may be dealing with the wrong crowd.

A hot, sweaty, busy guy who makes a buck pounding nails is just as likely to be ticked off by the seemingly petty charge for a bag for their $50 purchase. This policy will likely bite them unless they present the five cent charge in a more palatable way.



  1. How can they present this in a more palatable way? They are taking YOUR nickel, applying it to THEIR pet cause, then announcing to the world that THEIR foundation supports the enviroment.

  2. Rona has the same 5 cent charget


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