Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nanaimo Boston Pizza Closed

Jim Treliving Owner Boston Pizza

Employees Out $15,000

The local Boston Pizza was locked by bailiffs last week as the landlord took action for non payment of rent.

The move came as a surprise for the local employees who claim to be owed about $15,000 in back wages.

The local press reports that when they contacted franchisee Preetpal Shergill in Alberta he pleaded poverty claiming the business was losing him $30,000 per month and claiming a total lose of $1.6 million since buying the business.

He said when he had the money, the employees would be paid. I think that means, there isn't a snowballs chance they will ever be paid by him.

Boston Pizza spokesmen point out the liability for the unpaid wages rests with the owner and not Boston Pizza. While I am sure that is the correct legal response, I wonder if it is the correct moral response.

Did Boston Pizza and real owner Mr. Jim Treliving collect fees from this business before the staff received their wages? If so, I think they have a moral obligation to see the people get paid for the job they did. You know, the boys and girls making just enough to pay rent and get by, who are getting jerked around by the guys in $5000 suits driving flashy cars and living in penthouses.

The chairman and owner of Boston Pizza International is Mr. Jim Treliving who appears on the CBC's Dragons Den where he freely gives business advice to all who will listen.

I suggest the affected employees contact Mr. Treliving via the Dragon's Den and see if he will see his company does the right thing by these employees.


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  1. yaaa for corporation raping everyday people again, way to go democracy


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