Monday, June 22, 2009

Signs Of Changing Times

No Times Colonist On Mondays

As of today, the Victoria Times Colonist will not be publishing a print edition of their newspaper. For many years this island newspaper was one of the few to publish seven days per week with their Sunday edition being their biggest.

They will be providing an online version on Mondays with the latest breaking news however there will not be a paper at your door this morning.

This is likely the beginning of the eventual shift in the newspaper business away from the 'paper' edition over to the electronic edition, which many predict will replace newspapers as we know them in about 15 years.

Tom Harris Sign Changes

Last week, workmen could be seen on ladders removing the large TOM HARRIS words from the huge rooftop sign at this local GM dealership. As reported earlier this dealership has been purchased by Wheaton and the two will be amalgamated into one dealership. Where they will be operating is still to be announced.

The Harris name has long since occupied this corner with a GM dealership going back to the days when it was operating as Jack Harris Chev Olds.

This is all part of the big GM restructure which is hoped to bring life into the dead auto giant. Part of that plan is the closing of over one third of their dealerships in Canada by 2010. Some GM dealers in Ontario are none too happy with the way GM is treating them and in fact are organizing a lawsuit to try and gain a better financial deal.

It is doubtful whether this company can regain the confidence of the buying public as they have got to be the poster child for corporate incompetence. Now they are going to reduce their service centers by nearly 50% meaning you will have to wait longer for repairs and you can bet shop rates won't be going down any time soon.

On top of that you have to consider if GM is capable of surviving even with all of the government handouts they are receiving. After all, it is the same wizards that have driven GM into the ditch who are charged with getting it out. Who is going to sign on for a $25,000+ automobile on the off chance the manufacturer is still going to be around in a year or two? Not I.

Much is said about the fact GM was simply too big to let fail, and the cost to the economy would be too great. Interesting spin, but have you ever seen anything from our government, and that includes the Conservatives and the official opposition which supports the kind of taxpayer money we are throwing at this failed company?

In fact the GM bailout accounts for 20% of our $50 billion deficit, and no one, including Jack and Iggy seem to have anything to say about it at all. They are not challenging this bailout, neither are they calling for accountability on the part of Harper and his gang.

The good ole goose just continues to get plucked, and with nary the sound of hissing anywhere.


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