Thursday, July 23, 2009

Concrete Picnic Table Stolen

2000 Pound Picnic Table Taken

While the photo above is not the exact table which was stolen it is similar to the table recently stolen from Bowen Road Quality Foods.

The table was delivered by MacKay Precast earlier this month and was used by staff for their lunch and break time. It went missing between 11:00 pm Saturday night and 4:30 am Sunday morning.

The local daily reports the assistant store manager speculating it could be homeless people who stole it for money, while an RCMP officer speculates it was probably kids.

In any case it is an unusual theft, as picking up a 1,000 kilogram picnic table and carting it off would have required quite a bit of manpower and something bigger than a shopping cart to haul it away. It would also be very difficult to conceal.

So if someone approaches you with a great deal on a slightly used concrete picnic table, you might want to check with the people at the Bowen Rd. Quality Foods to see if it is theirs.


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  1. The picnic table was found in damaged condition. MacKay Precast replaced the table, installed and anchored it for the staff at Quality Foods.


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