Monday, July 27, 2009

The HST Is Good For You - - - Honest!

Who Are Those Guys
Behind Those Clever Disguises?

So, it is the summertime and we all know that Canadians like good geese everywhere have absolutely no interest in getting excited about anything in the good ole summertime.

Yes, the Premier of British Columbia did just recently get re-elected without saying one word about introducing a new tax if he was re-elected. In fact if you check the record, I think you will find him saying that taxes would not be raised. He also said he would never go into deficit financing either, even passed a bill to that effect.

The other cleverly disguised fellow has nothing really to say about the latest move to collect more taxes from Canadians, even though it is supposed to be against his core beliefs.

The 'Two Amigos' have simply introduced another clever way of removing more feathers from the goose and the goose so far, is not even paying attention.

On the off chance you are unfamiliar with the 'goose' reference it comes from the statement that ' taxation is the art of extracting the maximum number of feathers from the goose, with the least amount of hissing'.

So far the goose, and even those guardians of the public good (the fifth estate) seem to be responding in the typical Canadian summertime fashion. Snooze!


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