Thursday, August 06, 2009

Beban Park Pools Close For Maintenance

Beban Pool Closed Aug. 8 - Aug. 30

Annual maintenance will shutdown all three pools and the hot tub will be drained and mechanical work will be completed including; repairing pumps, refurbishing the pirate ship, repairing gym equipment, refurbishing the filters for all the pools, replacing the sand in the filters and a thorough cleaning of the entire facility.

Swimmers wishing to swim in a life guard patrolled setting can use the Nanaimo Aquatic Center, the outdoor Kin Hut pool at Bowen Park and the main beach at Westwood Lake.


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  1. Beban Pool Nanaimo BC:
    Awful customer service

    The front desk girl registered my 4 y.o. child to the swimming lessons for the babies until 12 months! When we came for the first

    lesson, they kept us waiting for an hour, then refused to let our child even to swim for several minutes to stop him crying. After an

    hour and a half, without a single sorry after their mistake, they suggested to pay for me, his father, to accompany him this time. My

    son had terrible experience and cried all the way back home.


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