Friday, August 07, 2009

Drivers Admit To Distracting Behaviour

The average B.C. driver spends almost 11 hours a week in the car - so naturally driving smart should be a priority because it can affect the price you pay for insurance, how much gas you use and your impact on the environment. However, a recent Ipsos Reid survey for ICBC shows that almost all drivers (96%) admit to wasting gas even though they say fuel efficiency is important.

The majority of drivers either let their car idle for more than 10 seconds or drive at speeds of 10 to 20 km/h over the speed limit. However, most say that fuel efficiency will be an important factor when they purchase their next vehicle.

"Driving smart " changing how we drive to save money on gas and reduce our vehicle carbon emissions has the added benefit of being safer," said Jeff Schulz, ICBC's vice president of strategic marketing. "We're asking motorists to examine the impact of their driving habits and learn how to avoid being 'dirty drivers'."

The survey also found that nearly all those who responded (93%) admitted to participating in some sort of distracting behaviour while driving. The answers provided by the 'dirty drivers' were surprisingly candid and included:

  • eating and/or drinking at the wheel (73%)
  • singing in the car (69%)
  • talking on a cell phone (66%)
  • picking your nose (30%)
  • smoking (24%)
  • fighting with passengers (20%)
  • texting (20%) or reading (16%)
  • entertaining children (14%)
  • more than one of the above at the same time (17%)

Other distractions included flirting with other drivers, applying makeup or checking in the rear-view mirror to admire your own reflection and 'making out' while driving.

The survey showed that older drivers (66 and above) are less likely to engage in distracting behaviours, while drivers 18 - 25 are the most likely to multi-task behind the wheel.


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