Monday, August 10, 2009

Is The Goose Finally Hissing?

Has The Campbell Government
Gone Too Far??

Even though it is summer and as you know Canadians don't get excited about much, especially in the summertime.

However, the latest tax grab by the Provincial Liberals, cleverly disguised as the Harmonized Sales Tax may have finally awakened the Goose and it has noticed it is nearly out of feathers!

It is reported in the press that an Angus Reid poll has shown the Liberals to have lost 12% support plummeting from 46 which they held in May to 34% now. The NDP are unchanged at 42% which interestingly indicated they have not picked up the lost Liberal support.

Another interesting finding of the poll was that the majority of British Columbians want to see fresh faces leading both parties.

Finance Minister Hansen and Premier Campbell both are saying how wonderful the HST will be for the economy of BC by removing financial burden from business making BC more attractive. Does that mean the cost to business is simply being transferred to the good old taxpayer one more time??

I have yet to read a report showing exactly what the HST will cost the average Joe taxpayer but all levels of government need to begin spending within our means and not continue spending money neither they nor we the taxpayer actually has to spend.

If the Goose is beginning to hiss in the middle of summer, the Campbell government will be in for a rough ride this fall when Canadians get far more serious about what their elected officials are up to. Call me a cynic but I think Premier Campbell tried to slip this one past the usually dozing Canadian Taxpayer, and it didn't quite work this time.

A faint sound of hissing could be heard in the land.


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