Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laptops Can Cause Fatal Fires

Laptop Fire Blamed In Death

The BC Coroner's Service is advising people to not leave their laptops on a couch or similar soft surface. This can result in the laptop overheating and eventually causing a fire.

This was the case involving the death of a 56 year old Vancouver man whose roommate had used his laptop and left it on, sitting on the couch and then going to bed.

Less than an hour later the couch took fire which resulted in the man's death.

Editor's Note: It is probably not really wise to use your laptop on your lap if soft or bulky clothing can restrict cooling air flow underneath the computer. Even if your laptop never actually catches fire, it will run much slower if it begins to get too hot. A cooling pad which runs fans using a usb interface is a good idea to keep your laptop cool and running efficiently.


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