Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Missed Business Opportunity?

No Place To Rent Bikes In Nanaimo

I recently had in inquiry from someone planning to visit Nanaimo near the end of September. They sent me an email with two questions, firstly could you safely get around Nanaimo using a bicycle, and secondly were there places to rent bikes in Nanaimo?

After scouring the usual sources of such information I finally called several bike shops in town and alas there are no shops renting bikes in Nanaimo. Bike rentals are available on Newcastle Island, but they are for use on Newcastle only.

One shop told me that the cost of repairs to rental bikes made the business unattractive.

Perhaps this is an idea that is still too far ahead of Nanaimo with it's relatively low tourist oriented business base. For example both Victoria and Parksville do offer bike rentals, which I presume is demand driven as they seem to be more 'vacation destination' spots than the Harbour City.


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