Monday, August 03, 2009

PacifiCats Fast Ferries Resold

United Arab Emirates
Will Be Cats New Home

Remember those ill-fated aluminum, troubled from the beginning, ferries which were to revitalize the BC ship building industry?

You know the ones a previous government spent nearly $500,000,000.00 to build and then another government sold for $20,000,000.00!

Well it is now being reported that the Washington Marine Group has sold the ferries to a luxury yacht builder Abu Dhabi Mar. It was not disclosed how much was paid for the 122 meter aluminum catamarans.

The ferries will be transported using heavy-lift deep-sea vessels with the first one leaving next month.

You know, the BC taxpayer lost nearly one half of one billion dollars on that deal and you have to wonder if just being fired for that kind of incompetence is severe enough accountability? Do you think anything would change if the policy makers who so freely spend our money were held accountable in a more tangible way for gross incompetence.

As it is they simply get fired (lose an election) and then move on to even higher paying jobs while they wait for their gold-plated pensions to kick in.

In the meantime the poor old goose just keeps getting plucked, with little hissing to be heard.


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