Monday, August 31, 2009

Pink Salmon Run In Nanaimo

Anglers of all sizes with all manner of gear try to entice the returning pink salmon as they make their way up the Millstone River.
They have to get past the boats before they can enter the channel and then attempt to get up the river.
Fishers present a daunting final obstacle as the pinks head for home.
Some anglers had their efforts rewarded with some tasty, fresh as fresh can be salmon. Good on the barbie!
Plastic bags can put up quite the fight as this angler can attest.
Early Sunday morning and the salmon in Departure Bay try to out fox these early anglers.
Pinks Run The Gauntlet
In Bid To Spawn

After surviving a few years at sea, dodging bigger salmon, hungry cod, ravenous dog fish, snarling sea lions, killer whales and starving seals the poor pink salmon faces one more challenge before fulfilling it's final goal of spawning before dying.

It must run the gauntlet of anglers of all ages equipped with all manner of gear who would sooner see the salmon in a fry pan or smoker that reaching it's destiny up the river.

Last night on the high tide feisty salmon could be seen jumping as they made a dash up the Millstone River as anglers of all sorts tried to tempt them with all manner of lures. In the short time I was there at least six salmon were diverted from their appointed journey and made for some happy anglers.

The salmon are also in Departure Bay where they will be using high water to make their bid to swim upstream to their spawning grounds. Many fishermen there are also intent on taking a few home for supper.

If you are a fisherman you could have good luck right now, and even if you are not, then watching anglers demonstrate their casting skill is always a pleasant way to pass the time.



  1. All is well and but some just can not stop jig fishing or foul hooking
    dof has to make the rules very very clear.

  2. funny how petty people are. If you are an expert fisher then jigging is seen as poaching but beginners are learning and some poeple never fish enough to become an expert. Who cares how people catch salmon when there is a surplus. By the way fly fishing for the most part is flossing and that to many experts is imoral.


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