Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recall The Campbell Government??

Opposition to HST

Even in the good ol summertime when most Canadians are thinking about weekends at the lake, barbecues and time with friends, many in BC are feeling ripped by the new HST the Campbell government is bringing in next year.

The HST will add 7% tax to a whole host of goods and services currently exempt at a cost to consumers estimated to be $1.9 billion. The full benefit of this increased tax burden to consumers is being passed directly onto businesses in the province.

The government is saying how wonderful this is going to be for the BC economy etc., without explaining why it is suddenly so wonderful, and wasn't even being talked about during the last election. An election many feel the Liberals would have lost, had their intentions to bring in the HST been an election issue.

The HST means that many items currently exempt from the PST will now see another 7% added on to your purchase. This covers a whole range of products including restaurant meals, haircuts, realtors fees, bicycles, funeral services, airlines tickets and much more.

If you would like to see what others have to say about this unpopular tax grab you can join the 85,000 + members of the Facebook 'No HST' group by using this LINK. If enough residents were to join this group, it could actually get the government's attention and cause them to rethink their strategy behind this latest tax grab. There is also another anti-HST site recently put up which could be a rallying site for those in opposition to this latest tax you can find the 'say no to hst' site using this LINK.

For the more radical, it could give you the means to connect with others in your area to organize some more visible protests such as picketing MLA's offices etc. For those who are really radical you might consider trying to organize a RECALL campaign in your riding with the knowledge that recalling eight Liberals would mean they no longer would form a government.

The restaurant industry and the homebuilders association currently are the most vocal business groups opposed to this new tax as they both feel a serious impact to their business will result from the additional 7% tax.

Editor's Note: All levels of government from municipal to provincial to federal, perhaps need to realize that the average taxpayer can only afford so much government and they need to rein in their spending rather than constantly looking for more creative ways to increase taxes.


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