Friday, August 14, 2009

Royal Bank Scam Email

Beware Royal Bank Scam Email

This official looking email was received along with my other email this morning and being a good Canadian I do have some dealing with the Royal Bank. This of course is what the scammers are counting on when they spam email land with their bogus emails.

They try to scare the recipient by saying their account security needs updating as a third party has accessed their account.

There are two dead giveaways to this type of scam, the first is the fact it is not addressed to you personally rather it is addressed to 'Value Client'.

The second is the link the 'Sign In .....' button is connected to. If you look in the bottom bar of your email client you will notice that the button does not connect to Royal Bank at all. Rather the one I got connects to ' etc.'. which of course is the site on which they hope to extract your personal information.

While even with the information you provide they may not actually be able to take any funds from your account, they still could have enough information to go about making you the victim of identity theft.

So beware and if a piece of mail is not personally addressed, you can bet the farm it is not for you, neither is it legitimate. This particular email does contain a valid RBC 1-800 number which does give it a further air of authenticity.

If this or any other suspicious emails show up in your email, delete it immediately, and if you have any doubts phone the company personally and ask if they sent out such an email.

Don't become a victim of these fraud artists.


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