Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Six Injured In Nanaimo Car Crash

Speed and Alcohol Factors
Driver Charged

Six local teenagers are lucky to be alive after a horrendous car crash late Friday night that sent all six to hospital with various injuries.

Nanaimo RCMP, Nanaimo Fire crews and BC Ambulance were called to the intersection of Bowen Rd and Highway 19A at 10:50 PM on Friday night after a sound bound 1989 Chrysler Dynasty vehicle turning on to Bowen Rd flipped and took out an EN Rail crossing sign.

As members arrived, the six occupants were managing to make their way out of the vehicle which was declared a right off afterwards. Only the driver was wearing a seatbelt but that is where his sound decision making stopped. Officers said none of the five passengers ranging in ages from 15 to 16 had seatbelts on. Two of the passengers received head injuries after impacting with the windshield and dash board while others received minor cuts and bruises. Two of the passengers remained in hospital overnight while the others were examined and released to anxiously waiting parents.

Investigators believe a combination of speed, alcohol and the sheer number of people in the vehicle were contributing factors in the accident.”This was an incident that was entirely preventable, said Constable Gary O’Brien, media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP. Seatbelts were not being worn, the driver was drinking, he was exceeding the speed limit and there were too many passengers in the vehicle given the type of license he possessed. This is a scenario that unfortunately is being played out far to often on our streets. These teens should be thankful they are alive and hopefully one day they will share their experience with others” said O’Brien.

The driver was charged with Driving without Due Care and Attention under the Motor Vehicle Act, Driving contrary to the Restrictions on his drivers license, issued with a 24 hour prohibition for consuming alcohol while driving and for not ensuring his passengers were wearing seatbelts. The intersection was closed for several hours while investigators analyzed the accident scene and traffic was rerouted until the intersection was re-opened.


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