Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stop The Presses This is BIG!

The Biggest Event of Summer?

Forget the recession, unemployment, failing auto giants, global warming, global cooling, gas prices, rising taxes, crooked politiicans, honest politicians, the GST, the PST and now the HST.

These mundane events all pale by comparison to the startling revelation that after 68 years, Archie is going to tie the knot with ....??????

In a special six part series being released today to specialty comic shops and the general public come Sept. 1, that American comic icon Archie is finally proposing marriage.

What is being described as a 'bold move' the marriage of Archie will usher in a whole new generation of Riverdale kids and take this popular American pop hero in a whole new direction. He first appeared in 1941 believe it or not. I bet he is better known that all of the Presidents and Prime Ministers since then.

If you can't wait until Sept. 1 to find out who he asked to marry, here is a hint ..... her initials start with veronica. :^)


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