Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend Suggestions Things To Do

The Best Things Are Always FREE

One of the major perks of living in beautiful Nanaimo are the acres and acres of wonderful parks and the ever changing, yet always awesome scenery.

Forget the Discovery Channel or another Nation Geographic special on the telly, simply load up the car, grab a blanket and some munchies, and don't forget the camera.

Head for Pipers Lagoon Park, Departure Bay Beach or Swy-a-lana Lagoon (to name just a few) and simply enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer.

Then round about sunset just sit back and watch the show which has inspired artists since time began. It's never the same two nights in a row, and it is always FREE. It is also guaranteed to beat anything your new 1800 inch HD, LCD Plasma super deluxe idiot box has to offer any day.

Be sure to get out and enjoy the second to last weekend before the kids head back to school and catch the rest of this fantastic summer we have been enjoying.


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