Monday, September 14, 2009

Anti HST Movement Gets Rolling

HST Rally

In Nanaimo

The unpopular Liberal HST is waking up people in BC who just seem to notice the government wants to put their hand deeper into their pocket.

Bill Vanderzalm's group '' has a local associate in Janet Irvine, email: who is organizing a Nanaimo rally this Saturday.

This anti-HST rally will take place in Maffeo Sutton Park in the Lion's Pavillion and will start at 1:00PM. Janet says she has been swamped with queries from people all across society from business people to union workers to seniors. You can use the preceeding email address to contact Janet.

There are also several other anti-HST groups which have sprung up since Gordon Campbell sprung the HST a short time ago. One other group '' is selling a vinyl decal designed to be easily removed from any glass surface. The decals are less than $5.00 with free shipping in BC.


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  1. If Government still increase the tax in BC, the sellers will reflect the price of products into the purchase of customers. As a result, the high cost, such as rent, food and fuel, of living in Vancouver, undoubtly, will make the amount of homeless people gradually soar.

    We already know the living cost and fuel tax in Vancouver are the highest in Canada, even the price of commodities higher than the capital city, Toronto. It is unreasonable to draw more tax from the residences of BC. I believe the policy of increasing tax on another way of combining tax to HST will make the people of BC poorer and the poor and homeless more suffer and unaffordable to buy food, and how dare can they imagine the hope of house?

    Depose Golden Campell!


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